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Reinforcing rod machine tools​

As for the sale of reinforcement processing machines, electric tools and air conditioning jacket used for reinforcement construction, and reinforced concrete, leave it up to our experts at Eiko.

Specialized Sale of Reinforcement Machine Tools

Eiko develops, leases, and repairs products used in reinforcement construction and reinforcement processing factories. 
We sell machine tools and systems which are used in reinforcement assembly construction such as new construction, seismic retrofit, and the renovation of reinforced concrete structures: for residences, hirise buildings, public works, roads, tunnels, and site preparation, etc.


Products for reinforcement assembling construction

Our products will bring you higher work efficiency and better results. We provide reinforcement assembling construction that is safer, more efficient, and more comfortable. The company will spare no effort to develop new products to satisfy customers from different fields.

Column Lifting / Raise Column Lifting / 
Double Lock Vertical Lifting Clamp

Moves column safely and reliably using column lifting and clamp.Carries 4 rebar vertically at the same time, Raise horizonaly column.

Rebar Jack / Beam Widening Machine / Rebar Joint Tool

Widen the space of rebar, slab, beams, etc.

Rebar Roller

Rebar Roller is assist to moving rebar. It is able to put freely depending to a situation.

  other products  

Beam Jack

Lifting reinforcement beams to ensure bar arrangement and easy tying.

Vertical Lifting & Double Lock Vertical Lifting Clamp

Moves rebar safely and reliably using vertical lifting and clamp.Carries 5 rebar vertically at the same time.

Working Stand for Rebar & Cutting Roller

Working stand for reinforcement processing. Easy・Flexible arrangement.

Air Conditioning Jacket for Rebar Workers

A jacket with a fan, making working in a hot environment cooler and more comfortable; also helps prevent heatstroke.

Pitch Tape for Rebar Arrangement / Pitch Messure(All Stainless Steel)

Interval marks of rebar are printed.

Tags for Reinforcement Processing

Processing instruction labels.

Slab Bender

Single Action bend type / Double Action bend type / Vertical bend type

Hand Hooks

All stainless Handy Rebar Tying tools.

Hook Case

Strong case for rebar tying tools or measure,etc.

Rebar Bending Handles / Curved Rebar Bending Handles

Rebar Bending Handles.

 Reinforcement Processing factory Products

Eiko has a wide variety of tools for reinforcement construction.
We can propose the most appropriate tools for your needs and preferences.
These kinds of tools can be used to effectively reduce the amount of labor and improve efficiency, productivity, safety, and the automation of reinforcement processing factories.
With our past experience with a variety of products and technical knowhow we can confidently match customers to the products best suited to them.
If you have any questions, or for more information, please contact us.

Reinforcement Processing MachineProcessing, bending, cutting reinforcement

Crane Lifting
Transferring reinforcement

Reinforcement Transferring Truck
Transferring of materials and products

Rebar Materials Protection Tent
Rust protection, keeping quality

Scales for Long Reinforcement
Lifting long reinforcement safely

Management System from Receipt to Consignment

Handling Product

Eiko carefully screens and handles only the best products from the following companies:
SHARP, DIC PLASTICS, Sanko-taitan, DAIA CORPORATION, DIAMOND, Hitachi, Toyo Kensetsu Kohki Co.,Ltd., MAX, Ogura&Co.Ltd, any, VITAL, KANETEC, MCC CORPORATION, HIT Tool, Takoman, Fueki, MIKI, Tajima tool, Muratec-KDS,Shinwa Rules Co.,Ltd., MARTEC Co., Ltd., Hataya, Denyo, NAGAWA Co.,Ltd., etc.


Company Information

Name         EIKO Machine Center CO.,Ltd

Address     200 Shironishi-cho, Nishi-ku, Nagoya, 452-0841, Japan

Contact Details       Tel 81-52-502-3255 FAX 81-52-502-3313

Established          March 10, 1972

Representative Title & NamePresident and CEO Takahiro Ijichi

Description of BusinessProduction, Sale, Lease, and Repair of reinforcing machine tools

Main CustomersNational Reinforcing Work Assocciation
Leasing Companies
General Contractors in Japan



200 Shironishi-cho, Nishi-ku, Nagoya, 452-0841, Japan

Tel: 81-52-502-3255

Fax: 81-52-502-3313


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